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Please complete this form to request field services for Signify Lighting Systems products.
Signify Lighting Systems field services services are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Three to four weeks notice is advised for booking services. For requests made within two weeks of service date, additional charges may apply.

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By submitting this request for field service, I attest that all information provided in this form is correct. I also understand that if the Field Service Representative arrives at the date and time requested and the site is not ready for field service, additional costs may be incurred and that an additional purchase order to Signify will be required to schedule additional time onsite or a return visit.
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Signify Field Service Representative Scope of Work:
Field Service Representative will only be able to:
  - Ensure that the system was properly installed and functions correctly, including trouble-shooting and providing guidance to the contractor to correct any problems.
  - Train personnel in the operation of the Lighting Control System.
  - Set parameters as detailed in the OPR, BOD, Specifications, or approved submittal provided to Signify.
Field Service Representative will NOT be able to:
  - Install equipment or make electrical connections required of the installing contractor, including Power, Class 1 and Class 2 Control wiring, and/or any other connections that require a licensed electrician.
  - Return to instruct any personnel who missed the original training session.
  - Return to change parameters not detailed in the OPR, BOD, or Specifications provided to Signify.

I understand the scope of work for the Signify Field Service Representative
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